Fairy Kiss Botanicals was born out of an idea I had for making fresh, natural bath products to go into gift bags for my daughter's 9th birthday party. I made small essential oil blended bath salts and bubble bath, as well as lip balm and aromasols. The parents of the kids invited to my daughter's party quickly admitted to me that they wanted these products for themselves and asked to purchase them.

I've always had some types of bath salts and candles in my salon as part of the relaxing tone and atmosphere I like to offer my clients. I had visited gift shows for these products and it got increasingly harder to find pure products with scents that were not synthetically fragranced. So, with this dilemma and the request for my own products, I finally decided to try to make them for my clients. It's been very well received.

The story behind the name

My daughter has always welcomed fairies into our home with notes and kind thoughts. We are a very fairy friendly home. When she was really young, a new little fairy doll would show up with each new vegetable she would try (and eat regularly). She would ask Holly the Halloween fairy to trade her extra candy for little Halloween inspired stickers or toys. Starting in 2nd grade, she not only had visits from Talia the tooth fairy, but Faith the Fall fairy, Wendy the Winter fairy, Sasha the Spring fairy and Sky the Summer fairy. They would leave her notes with little fairy gifts near her bed, and they would all always give her a kiss on her forehead that looked like a little smudge of sparkles.

Sandra and I started the process of making the products together, although I took over production for quality control reasons, having strict sanitation regulations in production, as well as my knowledge of blending pure and sometimes rare and precious essential oils.

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